Agile Penny Game

Acceptable Use Policy

Acceptable Use Policy is effective as of April 01st, 2020.

1. What is Agile Penny Game?

Agile Penny Game is a software as a service solution provided through a cloud-based platform which enables real-time active playing of the so called Penny Game. This is targetting participants at an agile meeting, training, workshop or event organised by an organiser.

2. How can I use the service? Are there any ground rules?

  • You shall ensure that your use of the service (including anything you post):
    • does not contravene any of these ground rules, any applicable laws (especially but not limited to, requirements relating to intellectual property rights, privacy, publicity, prohibition of impersonation, libel, discrimination) or the organiser’s instructions;
    • does not contain advertising or a solicitation of any kind;
    • is not otherwise objectionable (i.e. abusive, threatening, sexually-explicit, inciting violence, spamming, offensive, etc.).
  • You shall not attempt to access or use the service in a manner that may cause harm to Agile Penny Game, the organiser, their company or organisation or any third party, or interfere with the functionality or operation of the service or Agile Penny Game’s underlying systems.
  • You acknowledge that the title to all intellectual property rights in Agile Penny Game, the service, Agile Penny Game’s underlying systems, is and remains the property of Agile Penny Game and Agile Penny Game’s licensors. By using Agile Penny Game, you don’t acquire any rights, licences or goodwill in any of Agile Penny Game’s intellectual property rights.
  • You shall provide accurate, complete and up to date information as reasonably requested by the organiser.
If you think someone is using Agile Penny Game in a way which breaks these ground rules, please let us know at

3. What if I don't follow the ground rules?

Agile Penny Game may prevent your content from appearing on the screen (they can remove it or delete it). Agile Penny Game might even block your access to the service. If you cause any loss or damage, you may be liable for this.

4. Who will see the things I post?

In all cases, anything you post may appear on the screen at the event you're attending. This might be seen by:

  • the organiser;
  • the company or organisation the organiser works for;
  • any third parties the organiser provides it to;
  • the other participants; and
  • relevant Agile Penny Game staff and third party service providers .

5. How are the things I post going to be used?

The organiser is the one who may collect information from you and decides on the purposes for which they need to use it. Agile Penny Game only uses your information:

  • as expressly permitted by the company or organisation the organiser works for;
  • as reasonably necessary to provide, maintain and improve the services;
  • as reasonably necessary to prevent or address service, security or integrity, support or technical issues;
  • as reasonably necessary to enforce the Terms of Service;
  • as reasonably necessary to protect Agile Penny Game, other customers, or the public from harm or illegal activities or to respond to an emergency which Agile Penny Game believes in good faith requires Agile Penny Game to disclose the information to assist in preventing a death or serious bodily injury; and
  • as required by any applicable law, regulation, legal process or government request or as permitted by the Privacy Policy.
For more information about how Agile Penny Game uses this information, please also check the Agile Penny Game Privacy Policy .

6. Can I leave you feedback?

Absolutely! We really care about your experience with Agile Penny Game and want it to be the best possible. If you're unhappy about something or have some ideas for improvement, please let us know at

If you provide Agile Penny Game with feedback, all intellectual property rights in that feedback, and anything created as a result of that feedback (including new material, enhancements, modifications or derivative works), will be owned solely by Agile Penny Game.